Samsung suggests it’s committed to the Galaxy Note range, so will we see a Note 21?

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy Note 21? That’s one of the big questions in smartphones this year, with numerous sources suggesting there won’t be – a claim that looks more feasible now that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has launched with S Pen support – but others saying there will. Now Samsung itself has joined the fray, with a comment that’s hopeful, but rather unclear.

In a statement to T3, a Samsung spokesperson said: “Whilst we have expanded our S Pen experience across our wider Galaxy range, this does not mean we are not committed to the Galaxy Note category. To provide the best mobile experience to all customers, we will actively listen to their feedback and reflect this in our product innovation”.

That suggests the company is committed to the Galaxy Note range, though the wording leaves some wiggle room. Still, we’d think it’s likely based on this statement that there will be at least one more Samsung Galaxy Note handset.

Which Note is next?

But will it be the Samsung Galaxy Note 21? That’s much less clear, especially as a recent leak suggested that there wouldn’t be a Note 21 but that there might be a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE, which would likely be a cheaper take on the Note 20 range.

That’s certainly possible, as all Samsung’s statement really suggests is that there will probably be at least one more product with Note in the name, and even that is uncertain, especially as the last part of the statement suggests that feedback from customers might affect the Note range’s future.

So, if you’re hoping for a new Samsung Galaxy Note, we’d say this statement makes the possibility of one a little more likely, but whether it will land as the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is just as unclear as ever.


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