Samsung cuts $250 off the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Samsung has slashed the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G by $250. You can now buy the unlocked version of the foldable phone for $1,200 before trade-in incentives from Samsung’s website.

First announced in February 2020, Samsung updated the Galaxy Z Flip partway through the summer to make it 5G compatible. With today’s price cut, the 5G variant is $100 less than the LTE version. And the new model is the one to buy if you’re set on purchasing Samsung’s foldable. Not only is the 5G model cheaper, but it also features a more modern processor. The Galaxy Z Flip’s Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset is now coming up on its second birthday.

What we said of the Galaxy Z Flip (and by extension the 5G model) last year still stands today. Folding display and nostalgic form factor aside, there aren’t a lot of good reasons to buy the Galaxy Z Flip over a more traditional flat-screen phone, particularly now that you can get the Galaxy S21 and S21+ for $800 and $1,000. While Samsung’s new phones don’t have many upgrades over the S20 lineup, they come with Qualcomm’s latest high-end processor, and you’ll get an additional year of support over the Galaxy Z Flip since it’s already a year into its lifecycle.


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